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Created in April 2020

Sales Training For the Modern Era

Train From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Join 12 others on this journey of self discovery and sales mastery. 

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Hello, In the wake of the Coronavirus we understand the information overload everyone is experiencing.  This is why the Authentic Persuasion program is “no fluff.”  We are committed to saving you TIME.  This course is guaranteed to 1) equip you with the tools you need to make more sales and 2) give you the confidence to sell.

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Authentic Persuasion™


Authentic Persuasion™ is a program developed by Jason Cutter in the wake of the quarantine. This fast-moving high-value high-impact course Will. Help. You. Sell.

If you’ve lost your mojo, (or if you’re just getting started), trust us, there is no quicker way to get there than through this course.  We “stripped it down to the essentials” and are giving the value you need to move forward in excellence.

What This Course is Not

“This isn’t your dad’s sales training.”

  • This is not a training course that will teach you to be more cunning or manipulative
  • This is not a promotional webinar
  • This is not a sugar rush
  • We are not “blowing smoke”
  • This is not “empty Ra-ra-ra”
  • This is not textbook theory you won’t be able to apply in your day-to-day life

What This Course Is

Now that we defined what this course is not, let’s talk about what this course actually is.

Jason created the Authentic Persuasion™ program to teach sales reps how to get their mojo back – and keep it over the long term.  He teaches sales reps how to go from Order Taker to Quota Breaker and consistently make the calls.

Throughout this 12 week course you will learn mindset, self-awareness, and positive persuasion. You may need to pause it often because Mr. Cutter goes fast!

Authentic + Persuasion

Authenticadjective – representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself; original; rightful; legitimate; accurate; trustworthy

  • “An authentic art painting by Monet”
  • “She carried herself in an authentic way”

Persuasionnoun – the action or fact of convincing someone to believe something.

  • “Their realtor persuaded them into purchasing the larger home, knowing they wanted to have kids someday”
  • “The elf persuaded Santa into buying a more aerodynamic sleigh” 

The problem with most sales programs is that they only focus on the Persuasion part. They do not show the individual how to genuinely connect and share what is true to them. When sales becomes more about quotas, numbers, and call metrics – the magical touch of authenticity is lost. When sales professionals “stiff-arm” the client or press for the close without listening, it leads to resentment and fear of loss from the part of the client. 

The Key Ingredient is Authenticity

Jason teaches you how to tap into this authentic spark that is yours and yours alone. How would you like to be able to sell and not feel sleazy? How would you like to be able to pick up the phone – without hesitation – and communicate authentic value to the person on the other line? What would it mean to you if you could sell from a place of compassion and not fear?

  • We think your experience on the job would improve
  • We think your day would brighten
  • And we’re willing to bet you’d make more money!

Enroll in the Authentic Persuasion Program

Full-Access pass for one time investment of $399.00 US

E-Learning for the Modern Era

Tune In and Maximize

This course is VALUE.  You’ll learn the mindset needed to become a top-tier salesperson in your field.  Jason draws on the not-so-secret-sales success stories he uncovered while observing the very-windy-very-non-sales-background path sales success.

Your Time Your Schedule

The class is specifically catered to remote workers who are looking for a way to nurture leads, bring in new clients, and service with a smile.  And who knows… You may learn more from the other individuals in the class than you from the course instructor.   

Business Sharp While Still in Pajamas

Like a mullet, the new work outfit is “business in the front, casual in the back.”  (Suit on the top half, Pajamas below the waist).  No one on the Zoom call will know.

We've Worked With

Who This Course Is For

Sales Directors with no time to manage their regional sales teams

Sales Managers who want to get their worst performers motivated.

Sales Reps who are “hitting a bad week” (for the 3rd week in a row).

Customer Service Reps who get to upsell more products

Freelance Entrepreneurs who want to go from Order Taker to Quota Breaker

Whether you are a Sales Director looking for a training program that can put your representatives on autopilot or a Freelance business owner who wants to get their sales on track, this program is designed with you in mind.  It is meant for companies with call center representatives scattered around the county (and around the world).  It is meant for the Sales Director as well as the Average Joe. 

What’s Required Of You

Tune in every day and follow the rest of the class.

To be successful in this course you will need the following.

  • A willingness to be wrong about how you have it & An openness to being coached
  • A commitment to 2 hours a week for a period of 12 weeks
  • A laptop, an internet connection, and a pad of paper

The course load is NOT overwhelming – and is applicable to today’s “information overload” culture. In fact, most homework exercises can be done over pen and paper – giving you a chance to rest on a comfortable couch, with your eyes away from the computer screen.

We guarantee that you will get back into the direct proportion that you give your undivided time and laser-focused attention.

Enroll Today

Full-Access pass for one time investment of $399.00 US

Your New Sales Life Now

“This is the first day of the rest of your life.”

“You are committed to creating value for your clients and revenue for yourself.”

This course is capped at 12 people. It is built for the modern era. 

Enroll in the Authentic Persuasion Program

Full-Access pass for one time investment of $399.00 US

Sales Life Superstardom

Jason is keeping up with current events on the COVID-19 pandemic, and recording the course material just weeks before release. Jason draws on a decade of experience in sales, Mindful of each and every paying customer in the course, he modifies the course curriculum a few weeks out (to give himself time for editing). This is not a pre-scripted course. What you are getting is original and made for you. This course equips you, the Zoom attendee, with the tools, tips, tactics, and dialogue options you need to have your new sales life now. 

If you’re a “one-hit wonder” sales representative looking to recapture his or her stride, then you have to check out Authentic Persuasion™️. 

Your Instructor

Jason Cutter understands the challenges business leaders and top performers face because he’s been in their shoes. He spent 12 years helping companies connect with employees and customers as a sales success consultant, building a fast-paced, modern curriculum for sales representatives. 

He has delivered sales motivation keynotes and conducted sales workshops in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. His presentations include original research and customized insight for each audience. He inspires audiences with practical insight, plenty of energy and powerful, relevant stories that resonate long after the meeting ends.

By studying two concepts, connection and presence, Jason has been able to develop his basic and fundamental teaching programs into what is today known as Authentic Persuasion, a program which specializes on leveraging individuals’ key experiences.

Jason speaks from a lifetime of accomplishments and first-hand experience. He brings real-world advice, carefully researched facts, memorable humor and powerful stories to the platform in order to shake up, wake up and motivate audiences in ways that produce lasting results. He offers strategies to motivate you to action and improve your performance, relationships, and ability to think in new and creative ways.

Jason’s passion for people is obvious and infectious. Jason will charm his audiences and make them laugh, while they learn how to live the quality of life they dream about.

“You get what you give.”

If you’re struggling to make money you can’t afford NOT to take this course. You will overcome your fear, or your money back. If you’re feeling your self confidence slump, this course WILL enable you to overcome the limiting factors that are holding you back. We want this course to become a wellspring of knowledge for you each time you feel yourself start to slow down.

Like in life, you get what you give. Jason’s method will teach you to give back to your network, give back to your clients, and be attuned to your people in such a way that your phone (or WhatsApp) (or Zoom calendar) is guaranteed to be filled.

E-Learning for the Modern Era

Your Time Your Schedule

You will learn from the course instructor, but also from the other individuals in the class. The class is specifically catered to remote workers who are looking for a way to nurture leads, bring in new clients, and service with a smile.

Business Sharp While Still in Pajamas

Like a mullet, the new work outfit is “business in the front, casual in the back.” Suit on the top half, Pajamas below the waist. No one on the Zoom call will know.

Jason's Story

My professional adult life has taken a windy path, yet there are underlying themes of sales, service, and problem solving throughout. Instead of further talking about how amazing I am at selling and trying to convince you, I wanted to just list out all the various adventures I have been on since graduating high school.

One of the factors I have looked for in a potentially great sales person (with or without formal sales experience) has been how much ‘life’ they have been through (experiences and hardships). I feel like my own wide ranging resume is partly what allows me to talk to anyone about almost anything, which lends itself very well for selling/enrolling, managing, and coaching.

Work Experience:

  • Worked at a retail pet store, in the aquarium/fish section selling products as well as fish and supplies
  • Went into business with a friend and we cleaned aquariums full time for paying customers, which in-home service, restaurants, attorney’s offices, doctor offices, and corporate clients.
  • Spent over four years in the restaurant business – front of house from busser to server
  • Was part of a Tier 2 tech support team at Microsoft for two years (at which time we lost of our jobs as a result of the first waves of outsourcing to China/India)
  • Spent several months in South America working on an aerial platform as a part of a classified State Department program
  • Entered the residential mortgage business, where I helped hundreds of people buy/refinance homes
  • Created a company with my friend/business partner to find preforeclosure properties and assist homeowners in either keeping or selling their homes prior to losing them at auction
  • Got my residential real estate license so that I could offer additional solutions for homeowners in need
  • Bought several homes that were rehabbed and then sold for a profit
  • Managed a small startup company focused on preforeclosure loss mitigation on a nationwide scale, all transacted over the phone
  • Was hired to build out and run a corporate sales team for a Consumer Credit Counseling company
  • Recruited, trained, and managed sales/enrollment affiliate offices
  • Deployed multiple times to Middle Eastern locations as part of a classified Department of Defense program in support of military operations
  • Performed sales, marketing, and operations management, as well as built scalable systems and processes
  • Created and tested new sales related business verticals to determine viability

Educational Experience:

  • Bachelors in Marine Biology (I have lots of cool shark stories!)
  • MBA, with an emphasis on Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Toastmasters International – 2 years of membership, with more than 30 speeches completed included regional competitions

Enroll in the Authentic Persuasion Program

Full-Access pass for one time investment of $399.00 US

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