Selling With Authentic Persuasion

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I know we could have a great conversation – sales, life, marine biology, overcoming challenging times, whatever comes up. If you consider me as a guest (or you know of someone who has a show I should be on) – email me at

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I have bulk buy packages for the book (Click here) as well as ways to bundle it with training and/or coaching sessions for your team or group.  Email me at and we can figure out the best package to set up! 

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There are ways we could use bulk bundle packages as fundraising options that could also provide training and support for the salespeople on the team. Email me at

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Check out Selling With Authentic Persuasion by Jason Cutter – if you are in sales then this will help you Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker! #authenticpersuasion

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Ready to become an Authentic Persuader? Tired of feeling like the only way to win at sales is to manipulate or trick people into buying from you? Check out this new book by Jason Cutter, showing you how to win by being authentic: #authenticpersuasion

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So excited someone is sharing how to do sales in an honest, ethical way and how to WIN at it long-term! Check out this new book by Jason Cutter: #authenticpersuasion

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If you are ready for a fresh perspective on how selling can be done, so that both you and your clients are successful, shifting yourself from Order Taker to Sales Professional – then check out this powerful take on sales (from an ex-marine biologist): #authenticpersuasion

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