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Selling With Authentic Persuasion™ will remove all the stress and anxiety you feel about selling so you can focus on what’s really important – your customers and their needs. Jason Cutter will reveal how being honest with customers, overcoming our misconceptions about sales, and winning customers’ trust will not only lead to happy and repeat customers but transform you from Order Taker to Quota Breaker.

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Are you in sales but struggling to make quota? Did you just take a sales job out of desperation but don’t think it’s the right career for you? Do you worry people will perceive you as pushy or dishonest?

Selling With Authentic Persuasion™ will remove all the stress and anxiety you feel about selling so you can focus on what’s really important—your customers and their needs. Jason Cutter will reveal how being honest with customers, overcoming our misconceptions about sales, and winning customers’ trust will not only lead to happy and repeat customers but transform you from order taker to quota breaker.

After years of managing and training salespeople, Jason found the fundamental problem people have in sales is acting only as order takers. Let him teach you how to transform yourself into a model salesperson who inspires trust through integrity and authenticity.

In Selling With Authentic Persuasion™,
you will learn how to:

Determine whether you are acting like an order taker

Analyze and overcome your objections & fears

Focus on the true reasons for selling

Acknowledge & cultivate your strengths

Use the power of persuasion

Follow a proven sales process

Sell like a

Avoid mistakes that get in the way of success

It’s time to put aside your self-limiting beliefs and bask in how good it feels to help people through sales. Get ready to celebrate and enjoy your new or transformed sales career.

Jason Cutter has a degree in marine biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, but his adult life has been focused on selling and helping others to sell. He has led sales teams at multiple companies, across multiple offices, and in multiple countries, including working with offshore call centers. His niche is inside sales teams driven by inbound performance marketing. Today, Jason is the host of The Sales Experience Podcast and he leads his own consulting firm, Cutter Consulting Group. Selling With Authentic Persuasion™: Transforming from Order Taker to Quota Breaker is his first book.


Most people see ""selling"" as something really negative. However, the best sales people are those who are committed to getting clients what they truly need. Jason's book give a blueprint to be successful in sales, and in life, by being authentic and honest.
Jamie Sarche
Director of Preplanning, Feldman Mortuary
This is not your typical sales book. In fact, arguably it's more about relationships than sales. And that is what is so refreshing about Jason's approach. He recognized that getting someone to buy not mechanical, but rather more emotional. How they come to know you, like you and trust you.
Frank Agin
President, AmSpirit Business Connections
Authentic Persuasion taught me to sell like a doctor. It's many stories contain nuggets of wisdom which I will use in my sales career, both for myself and for my clients. I am glad Jason explored these topics and in so doing taught me to sell like a professional.
Alex Pop
When I began reading "Selling with Authentic Persuasion", I found this passage to set the stage for any person wanting to become a sales professional. "The point of the sales professional is to help people achieve their goals, avoid pain, and fundamentally, end up in a better place as a result of dealing with us." Exactly, Jason! Bravo!
Ken Lazar
CEO and Professional Sales Recruiter
Jason Cutter does a fantastic job of walking you through the process of finding who you are as a sales person and focusing on your strengths. If you are looking for a great way to move your sales performance ahead and want to really help your prospects, you should invest in this book.
Ian Peterman
CEO, Peterman Design Firm
In a culture that teaches you how to pretend and manipulate this book very clearly states how being authentic is the actual key to sales success. Highly recommended for anyone in sales at any stage of their career.
Donald Meador
Author of "Surrounded by Insanity: How to Execute Bad Decisions"
As a solopreneur, this book was a gold mine for me. I'm someone who resists being a "salesman" but Jason does a great job of describing the power of this approach. After realizing the error in my approach (being a Order Taker), I will be adjusting immediately.
Kyle Gillette
Creator of the SAGE Mindset Framework
Whether you’re just setting out on a career as a seller or have been in the game for years, Jason’s perspective on authenticity and mindset and his roadmap for succeeding in the profession of sales are not to be missed!
Catie Ivey
RVP of Sales, Demandbase
"Jason Cutter has redefined what it means to sell with integrity, while maximizing results. Some people are great at sales, others are great teachers. Jason is both. If you want to skyrocket your results without sacrificing your authentic self, absorb every word of this book."
Sam Crowley
Founder -
"I’ve read plenty of sales books, most of which left me more convinced that I’d never be a decent salesperson. Selling With Authentic Persuasion is completely different. It offers a roadmap for helping me identify where I shine and what I specifically have to offer to be of service to others. Jason Cutter demystifies the whole sales process from opening the conversation to closing the deal. I highly recommend this book to anyone who ever has to sell anything, which is all of us!"
Libby Gill
Executive Coach & Award-Winning Author
Complex B2B sales, especially those who seek to sell to the Enterprise, will fail to scale an exceptional career path - unless they can shed 'Order Taker' bad habits. These reactive habits feel effective and 'relationship driven' at the time, but fail create exceptional long-tail results. Jason does an excellent job of layering a prescriptive path to personal change, in the pursuit to sales effectiveness.
Jamie Shanks
CEO - Sales for Life
Authenticity is the bedrock for lasting success in selling and in life. Jason provides an actionable and valuable framework for being true to yourself and your market in a way that elevates professional selling to its rightful place in society as an indispensable element of any prosperous venture.
Sean Sheppard
Serial Entrepreneur, Sales Leader, VC & Founder, GrowthX & GrowthX Academy
No matter what you think your job or role is.....You are in Sales. Period. We can all benefit from Jason's learned wisdom on how to authentically influence others.
Rylee Meek
Founder of Social Dynamic Selling
Every person in sales must READ this incredibly inspirational book. Sales is more an art than a science and art is about being authentic. If you believe in being better, then this approach is what you need.
John Waid
CEO & Author of ReInventing Ralph - A Little Story for Salespeople About Culture-Driven Selling
Early in my career I heard a truth described this way: 'If you can see through John Brown's eyes you can sell John Brown the way John Brown buys'. Jason's book provides many things with one of the best being HOW to see through your customer's eyes.
Bob Sager
Author of 101 Freaking Brilliant Business Ideas: And Ten Ways YOU Can Create Your Own
The essence of sales is highlighting to a prospect/customer a ROI (return on investment) for the product or service you are selling i.e. will the dollar I spend provide me with more value than the cost itself. Keeping that in mind, after reading "Selling With Authentic Persuasion" you should receive a multiple ROI.
Adam Connors
Founder, NetWorkwise
If you learn one thing today, I hope it is that everyone is a salesperson. Whether you're selling a product or service, asking for a raise or trying to get your kids to do what you want them to, you sell. It is a skill that you can learn and to get started you must read this book. It really gets to the point in helping you learn to sell but in a way that you feel comfortable doing it. Great job Jason Cutter.
Danny Creed
Global Business Coach, speaker, trainer and sales expert
"Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice." This statement applies to doctors as it does to salespeople. Jason Cutter hits a home run with this comprehensive book on the psychology of sales from the perspective of the ego. Both salesperson and prospect have fears and Jason shows how to become aware of them and to how use that understanding to develop empathy to consistently achieve the best outcome in any sales interaction. Hands-on and written with personal anecdotes and case studies, this is the most comprehensive primer on sales I have ever read.
Eli Angote
Founder at
If authenticity is the key then Jason is walking the talk in this book. Not only do I agree with the methods he purports as a way to bust quotas, his style of writing is also a lesson for readers - if nothing else authentically mimic his authenticity and you will find increased success!
Bill Eckstrom
CEO, EcSell Institute
Authenticity is the road to trust. One must be honest with themselves in order for others to trust them. When the trust is built then you can facilitate a transformation in your prospect's life, big or small, through what you are selling - whether it is a product, service or idea.
Rob Howze
CEO, EcSell Institute
Step by step, Jason Cutter shows you how to elevate selling into a calling by applying your authentic self, signature strengths, and leadership skills to create lasting value for your customers and clients.
Dr. Wayne Baker
CEO, EcSell Institute