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Sam Crowley, Founder

"If you want to skyrocket your results without sacrificing your authentic self, absorb every word of this book."

Become an Authentic Persuader!

You might be an order-taker if...

You’re scared of becoming the kind of sales rep you can’t stand. Making others feel like you’re pushy, inconsiderate and desperate.

You’re having a mid-career crisis, wondering if you’re stuck in a job where you’ll always worry about “making it.”

Your boss keeps telling you “close more deals,” and you have no idea why you’re not.

You went into business for yourself but didn’t realize that meant you were now a full-time salesperson.

You’re developing an ulcer from the constant stress and pressure of “convincing” people to buy.

You want to change and grow, but you feel like Nemo stuck in a dentist’s fish tank. (Couldn’t resist the reference, it’s the marine biologist in me)

I wrote this book for you.

I’ve spent the past 17 years selling and leading sales teams. I’ve seen the perennial problems facing sales people, I’ve helped individuals and teams move past their insecurities and find success in sales. This book can help you do the same.

Stop acting like an order taker

Overcome your fears

Focus on the true reasons for selling

Cultivate your strengths

Harness the power of authentic persuasion

Follow a proven sales process

Sell like a professional

Avoid mistakes that limit success

“As a solopreneur, this book was a gold mine for me. I’m someone who resists being a “salesman” but Jason does a great job of describing the power of this approach. After realizing the error in my approach (being a Order Taker), I will be adjusting immediately.”

Kyle Gillette
Creator of the SAGE Mindset Framework

headshot of rylee meek

“No matter what you think your job or role is…..You are in Sales. Period. We can all benefit from Jason’s learned wisdom on how to authentically influence others.”

Rylee Meek
Founder of Social Dynamic Selling

headshot of adam connors

“The essence of sales is highlighting to a prospect/customer a ROI (return on investment) for the product or service you are selling i.e. will the dollar I spend provide me with more value than the cost itself. Keeping that in mind, after reading “Selling With Authentic Persuasion” you should receive a multiple ROI.”

Adam Connors
Founder, NetWorkwise

“Jason is an incredible thought leader in the field of sales. His unique approach builds on who you are as a person to leverage authenticity for maximum persuasion. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to get an edge without sacrificing who they are at their core.”

Kwame Christian, Esq.
M.A. Director of the American Negotiation Institute

headshot of jamie sarche

“Most people see “selling” as something really negative. However, the best sales people are those who are committed to getting clients what they truly need. Jason’s book give a blueprint to be successful in sales, and in life, by being authentic and honest.”

Jamie Sarche
Director of Preplanning, Feldman Mortuary

headshot of rob howze

Authenticity is the road to trust. One must be honest with themselves in order for others to trust them. When the trust is built then you can facilitate a transformation in your prospect’s life, big or small, through what you are selling – whether it is a product, service or idea.

Rob Howze
CEO, EcSell Institute

“In a culture that teaches you how to pretend and manipulate, this book very clearly states how being authentic is the actual key to sales success. Highly recommended for anyone in sales at any stage of their career.”

Donald Meador
Author of “Surrounded by Insanity: How to Execute Bad Decisions”

“Authentic Persuasion taught me to sell like a doctor. It’s many stories contain nuggets of wisdom which I will use in my sales career, both for myself and for my clients. I am glad Jason explored these topics and in so doing taught me to sell like a professional.”

Alex Pop

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